New To Yoga or Yoga World Studios?

When is the studio open?

At both locations, the studio opens 15 minutes prior to the start of each class. The studio doors are then locked 15 minutes after the class has begun.

How Do I Find a Class?

As a new student, you’ll want to start with a basic or all levels class. Look at our schedule and check off the days and times you’re available or can make yourself available if need be. It’s a good idea, if possible, to try out a few different teachers at first, dropping in here and there to give each one a test run. Then you can just drop in (no reservation required) for any class on the schedule you like. If you’re reluctant to go to a class for whatever reason or have any questions please, call Cara the Studio Coordinator at 562.673.1177 or email your question to and ask any questions you may have.

I have a daily deal, what do I need to do to take a class?

You do not need to register to take a class (even if the daily deal says to do so). Please pick any class on our schedule that you would like to attend and bring your daily deal with you and we will register you and open your pass. Please note, the daily deal has an expiration date, so please make note of that date so that you are able to use up your pass!

When Can I Start and What Should I Bring to Class?

You can start anytime. Our classes are on-going but not serial; in other words, the class you step into may have been running for several years, but each class is more or less an independent event. Your classmates’ experience will vary from a few weeks, to a few months, to several years.

You don’t need to bring anything. You should wear something comfortable that you can bend in. We practice in bare feet. We provide all the yoga props you’ll need, though many of our students prefer to bring their own yoga mats.

Can I purchase a package of classes?
You can purchase a package of casses before or after any class. You do not need to purchase the package before arriving at the studio.

Can I share my package of classes with a friend and/or family member?
Sure, you can purchase any 5, 10 or 20 class pass and share that pass with any friend or family member you like. They are your classes to share as you like.

Please alert us if you have a medical condition or are presently under a physician’s care. Conditions such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart ailments or injuries are of special interest to our teachers. We will customize our services to fit your needs whenever possible.

In consideration of other students and to preserve an atmosphere of serenity, please turn off your cell phone before entering the studio.

Where can I use my pass?
All passes purchased at the studio are valid at both studios.