Welcome To Yoga World Studios!

by Yoga World Staff on February 13, 2011

 Yoga World is longest running yoga studio in Long Beach, Ca. Gabriel Hall and his staff bring over 20 years of yoga experience and education. We believe Yoga World is for everyone and our commitment is to share with you, yoga in a safe and intelligent way. We believe each person is unique and your yoga practice should reflect that. We teach students to practice responsibly, so that each practice fulfills your needs.    At Yoga World you will find a variety of class styles and level of challenge. Our Hatha yoga styles are inspired by Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, Yin Yoga, Power yoga, Therapeutic and Restorative yoga.   Every class is a unique experience with each teacher bringing years of experience and expertise.   We invite you to join in the fun; and feel the benefits of practicing yoga.

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Yoga World Studio Teacher Training

by Yoga World Staff on October 2, 2015


The Yoga World 200 hour teacher training provides students the opportunity to move their yoga practice to a deeper, more meaningful level and gain the knowledge to teach a fabulous yoga class. Graduates of the Yoga World Teacher Training program will receive an RYT certificate in accordance with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the program, trainees will have a foundation in:

Yoga history and philosophy
Knowledge of asana foundations, sequencing, alignment, and hands on assisting
Contemporary exercise practices and evidence based therapeutic movement
The Business of being a Yoga Teacher
Sanskrit Names and common vocabulary and much more.

Tuition: $3250


Our training program is offered once a month, starting Friday evening usually from 5:30- 9:30. Also on Saturday and Sunday between 9-6. Although the tuition is high, there are ways in which you can earn such money with just a few clicks. For instance, online casinos like the ones here offer an abundance of no deposit casino bonus offers which will allow you to make money, without investing yours, and, with the practice of Yoga, you’ll be able to think more rationally and make proper predictions. Hours on Saturday and Sunday vary slightly from month to month. The program is offered in a safe and supportive environment offering the tools and resources that will allow you to awaken your spirit, find a deeper meaning in your practice and become a well-rounded yoga teacher. This training will emphasize the practice and techniques of asana, pranayama and meditation with an emphasis on yogic experimentation. We will study and practice contemporary hatha yoga teachings from the  Krishnamacharya lineage. The program focuses on giving teachers a strong foundation in teaching safe and effective yoga classes. The training will include anatomy, philosophy, yogic lifestyle, teaching methodology, the business of yoga as well as other themes that develop. Through it all we develop a passion for personal realization in order to express the full potential of the human body mind through the study and  practice and art of yoga.


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Here is what some of our previous students have said..

5 out of 5
By: Christopher Mabli Jul 15, 2014

Gabriel Hall and his guest teachers draw from a wide variety of sources both from within the Yoga traditions and from other movement/health/fitness disciplines not commonly associated with Yoga. The result is a very well-rounded program encouraging exploration and growth, while remaining rooted in the foundational practices and philosophy of Yoga. Recognizing Yoga as an evolving, dynamic practice defines the culture of Yoga World Studios, and the Teacher Trainings perfectly reflect that approach.


5 out of 5
By: Alison Cameron Jul 22, 2014

Gabriel Hall is an enthusiastic talented teacher with an enormous amount of knowledge, both practical and philosophical, about the practice of yoga. He is generous in sharing what he knows and creates lively classes, with stimulating discussion and exposure to a wide range of practice styles – from deeply restorative to strong and active. He brought in a wide range of fascinating guest speakers and exposed us to many interesting things – e.g., a neuroscientist/yoga teacher who demonstrated yoga’s effects on the brain. Everybody in our class, regardless of physical ability, was made to feel successful and because of his faith in us, I believe we all grew strong and capable over the ten months. I know I did! I would recommend this training to anyone – whether you want to enhance your personal practice or ultimately to teach, you will come away with a deep respect and appreciation for the practice of yoga after completing the 200 hours.


5 out of 5
By: Esther Randolph Aug 05, 2014

I received my 200 Yoga Teacher training hours at Yoga World, in Long Beach. Not only were we taught movement, breath, concentration, meditation & prayers (mantras) we were also taught to be a conscientious & caring Teacher. We covered Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy & physiology touched on most of not all types of Yoga from Restorative to Asthanga. Not only was our Teacher knowledgeable but he made it fun to learn. I would highly recommend. Namaste!


5 out of 5
By: Nancy Intriere Jun 02, 2015

Gabriel Hall’s breadth of knowledge is unparalleled. He not only exposed me to basic yoga practice, but the history, language, tradition as well as the various popular approaches to yoga advertised today. His intense study and love of yoga was experienced by all of us. I can’t imagine a better, more interesting teacher. I feel honored to have had him as an instructor, mentor, guru.


5 out of 5By: Linda Meng Jun 07, 2015

The teacher training program at Yoga World Studios really helped me grow as a teacher as well as a student. Gabriel Hall is extremely knowledgeable of the many different aspects of yoga and I felt that I absorbed a wealth of information under his guidance. It also opened my eyes to the many different styles of yoga that I had not practiced before. Yoga can be so beneficial to a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and completing this training program has made me continue to want to share it with the world.logo black


The teacher training program at Yoga World is one of the most thorough in the industry. We provide you with all the tools you will need to be a safe, competent and gifted teacher. Feel free to call Gabriel directly with any questions…. 562 804-5525.

Welcome to Yoga World

February 18, 2011

The studio is open 15 minutes prior to each class and the doors are locked 15 minutes after each class begins.  If you have a daily deal (Groupon, Social Living, etc) please bring your daily deal to the first class you would like to attend. You do not need to register before you attend a […]

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