Instructor Bios

Instructor Biographies

Gabriel Hall Gabriel HallGabriel Hall is the founder and co-owner of Yoga World. Gabriel together with his wife and co-owner Michelle have been building and running Yoga World Studios in long beach since 1997. He has been teaching yoga in Long Beach since 1996. He began practicing yoga at the age of nineteen while enrolled at Santa Monica College. Since then, he has been an avid student of yoga continually seeking a greater understanding of its many facets. Gabriel studied and practiced yoga throughout college while completing a degree in philosophy at Cal State Long Beach. It was there that he was introduced to Iyengar style of hatha yoga. Later he spent a summer working at the front desk in exchange for classes at the Iyengar Institute in Los Angeles. At the institute Gabriel practiced with Leslie Peters and Karin O’Bannon. Years after he would complete two modules of teacher training courses conducted by Karin O’Bannon in Costa Mesa. It was in early 1999 when Gabriel completed a rigorous and thorough teacher training program at Yoga Works in Santa Monica. The training was a blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar styles of yoga. While the initial course was taught by Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford the prominence of Yoga Works attracted many of the country’s most elite teachers. Over the course of many years Gabriel has been afforded the opportunity to study with Aadil Palkhivala, Gary Kraftsow, Dona Holleman, Kofi Busia, Judith Lasater, Bryan Kest, Richard Freeman and John Friend. Gabriel has also completed a concentrated teacher training course taught by Erich Schiffmann. Following the course Gabriel enjoyed a brief assistantship with Erich in Venice at Sacred Movement. As a complement to his study of philosophy and practice of yoga Gabriel has been trained in the tradition of Thai Yoga therapy under the watchful supervision of Saul David Raye. In addition to incorporating elements into his yoga classes he also conducts private sessions of Thai Yoga therapy. Gabriel teaches a variety of different leveled classes available weekly at Yoga World in Long Beach. In addition, Gabriel teaches 8 week sessions for beginners and intermediate students for the city of Yorba Linda and the city of Irvine through their recreation departments. Regardless of the level of difficulty Gabriel’s classes are infused with humor, positivity and caring support. His sequences are safe yet challenging and always allow for individual modifications. His classes are well varied and rarely the same twice. It is most beneficial when practiced regularly and the best way to maintain a consistent practice is to enjoy it. So come and enjoy. Private Instruction Available Upon Request.

Cara Pierce, Studio Coordinator Cara Pierce Cara has been practicing yoga since her early teens. After moving to Long Beach in 2000 she began taking classes at Yoga World Stuido; and began studying under Gabriel Hall. Cara never imagined she would eventually become a yoga teacher, but after being asked to sub at Yoga World she felt compelled to offer yoga to others. After taking a teacher training with Erich Schiffman, she started teaching at Yoga World on a regular basis. In 2005 Cara moved to New York City where she took classes at Om yoga and Jivamukti on a regular basis. She also taught yoga at New York University while attending graduate school. After moving back to Long Beach in 2007, Cara began teaching at Yoga World again. Cara designs her classes to accommodate all who come to the studio—whether it’s a person’s first time in a yoga class or they’re seasoned yoga students. She offers variations for each asana so that each person gets out of the class what they need. Whether she’s teaching a flow class or a basic class she focuses on safety in the poses; and likes to encourage her students to find a connection with their breath and body; and to have fun with their practice. She believes in teaching safety in each pose as well as focusing on building strength in the various poses.

Alison Cameron

Originally from England, Alison came to the States to marry her American sweetheart 30-odd years ago. After careers as diverse as chef concierge and kindergarten teacher, and taking time out to mother her beautiful daughter, Alison began studying yoga in 2005.  It was clear to her from the start that yoga was far more than simple exercise: the calming effects on the mind intrigued her. Yoga naturally led to an interest in meditation, which eventually led to rigorous annual ten day silent retreats. Alison has attended workshops all over the L.A. area with luminaries such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Amma the Hugging Saint, Jack Kornfield, and Sharon Salzberg. The spiritual questing continues with Voice Dialogue, art and collage, inquiry, book study and small meditation groups. Always, yoga is the constant: so many teachers over the years offering their different styles: physically challenging classes, fun classes, meditative classes, classes heavy on ritual and chanting and breath work.  Recently Alison took the plunge to become a teacher herself and completed Yoga World’s first 200 hour teacher training with Gabriel Hall. She continues to grow in finding her own voice. She incorporates the teachings of many of those early teachers who so inspired her, but her preferred style is to teach gentle yoga, or as she puts it, “lots of rolling around on the floor with bolsters.”   Now in her 60’s (and still happily married!), Alison is delighted to have found what she wants to be at long last. Her classes are designed to stretch, strengthen and relax the body, and soothe, focus and balance the mind, while using large dollops of humor and inspiration. All are welcome

Dr. Allen Arnette Dr. Allen ArnetteAllen’s blending of various yoga traditions produce classes that are filled with support, experience and wisdom. Yoga traditions of Iyengar (alignment orientation), Asthanga/Vinyasa methods, Viniyoga and Sivananda are woven together with Pramayama (breath work) and meditation to provide an authentic yoga practice. Over the last 5 years, Allen has studied yoga with Seane Corn, Richard Freeman, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee and completed his teacher training with Yogaworks in Santa Monica with Heather Seiniger and Malachi Melville. He has also completed advanced Vinyasa flow teacher training in Santa Monica with Seane Corn, Vinnie Marino and Annie Carpenter. In an ongoing quest to deepen his personal practice and understanding of yoga philosophy he has taken many specialty seminars on such topics as shoulder health, safety in inversions, jumpings, and weeklong retreats with Omega Institute in New York. Growing up in the 60s with hippie parents Allen was exposed to yoga at an early age. The attitude and intention of peace, wholeness and health were the background of his childhood in Dallas Texas. Today, he practices yoga with conviction, passion and life long enthusiasm. By day Allen is better known as Dr. Arnette at his clinic-the Advanced Wellness Center in Long Beach California where he is the clinic director of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Department. Here he combines his natural medical degrees, licenses, talents and skills of chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition with the use of Chinese herbal medicine. Combining a sound physiologic and orthopedic basis upon which to understand “what goes wrong” (pathology) with a deep understanding of the human psyche, Dr. Arnette has tackled conditions ranging from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome and many viral conditions to Stress related conditions as well as sports and yoga-related injuries. Yoga and its traditions awaken within its students an awareness of how much broader-visioned and grand life can be. When one releases and let’s go of how they are habitually gripping and reacting to what they are experiencing in their life, they anchor themselves in the natural reality that there is some larger force at play governing their life. This allows one to release the tension and resistances inherent within man’s worrisome world. Within the breadth of yoga, asana practice allow us to experience these releases for periods long enough to balance our physiological and psychological states producing change that is evident in our outer life experiences of health, memory, energy and creativity. Understanding that well being and wholeness are the natural states of the human experience, Dr. Arnette found that passive medical care could only go so far for healing what ails people. A holistic approach to life encompasses greater territory. One important cornerstone is the vital and radiant health bestowed upon the practitioner of Hatha yoga. He refers to yoga as “active acupuncture” and acupuncture as “passive yoga.” Allen therefore, brings to his yoga students over two decades of experience in helping to end suffering, ease tension, reduce pain and find greater states of well-being and joy.

Bridget Ingham Bridget Ingham Bridget has a life time experience in various forms of dance and moving arts including the disciplines of ballet, modern, pilates and earning her B.F.A. in dance from Cal State Long Beach. She has done her yoga teacher training with Karrin O’Bannon in Iyengar Hatha Yoga, Saul David Raye in Holistic Yoga and is a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher with Jill Miller. She has also studied with Gary Kraftsow’s American Viniyoga, Shiva Rea’s teachers practicum, and Zhandor Remte’s Shadow Yoga. Her yoga background began over 15 years ago with an interest in the mind/body connection and to learn from and heal her personal physical imbalances created from the daily tolls of living and working. She now has been teaching for a decade and continues to learn from and shares her knowledge with her students. She infuses fun creative sequencing with an emphasis on precise alignment cues, physical awareness in space, mindfulness in action, breath awareness and meditation. She believes that moving from the simple movements towards the bigger and more complicated movements should be an arrival from the pathway that is set forth. The how, why and what you are doing to get there and not just the end result is what is important to ones well being both physically and mentally. She enjoys helping people understand the biomechanics of how their bodies move both on and off the mat so they can see where they may have neglected, hindered or even injured themselves. Her aim is to create a safe space that allows one to tap into their true potential to feel, heal, grow and transform both physically and mentally. Private Instruction Available Upon Request.

Cathy Terrones Unknown-1   Cathy’s influences in yoga were her first teachers; Bryan Kest, then Gabriel Hall and Catherine Southern.  Trainings with Saul David Raye and Yoga Works Santa Monica and encouragement from Gabriel Hall and Cat Southern finally launched her into the role of guiding yoga classes.  She has practiced yoga since 1998 and began teaching in 2006. Cathy enjoy sharing practices that engage with the body’s energy in a healing and supportive way. Over the years Cathy has grown to experience yoga as a dance of gratitude, of giving thanks with mind, body, and spirit through the amazing vital life force we each uniquely express. Cathy is also a musician and singer-songwriter, with a B.A. in Music from CSULB. Being a vocalist the body is your instrument. Breathing becomes a powerful and vital tool, which is the same in yoga. Cathy enjoys teaching pranayama, using her vocalist and yoga skills to help practitioners experience their breath as ‘life force’. Cathy loves to incorporate the use of sound and chant in yoga classes to free up and access more life force! In-depth intensives with Gary Kraftsow, Judith Hansen Lasater, and TKV Desikachar have influenced her teaching.  Her personal practice of Qi Gong and Energy Healing based on the Chinese understanding of meridians and organ systems influences Cathy’s classes and approach to guiding others in yoga. Please find more information about Yoga Hikes, Healthy Cooking, Private Yoga Lessons, and Music Events at Cathy’s

Evelyn Grauten Evelyn started her love of Pilates while she was studying in the “conditioning for dance” Pilates program at Long Beach City College in 1992. There Evelyn started building her large repertoire of floor exercises, learned the importance of precision and studied strength techniques on Pilates reformer machines. She studied the Mari Winsor “Pilates Powerhouse” method, and while discovering the original Joseph Pilates scientific approach of body conditioning, the importance of control and concentration during practice, Evelyn decided to share her knowledge and passion for Pilates. Her enthusiasm shows in all her classes. She has been teaching fitness and dance since 2001. In 2010 Evelyn received her STOTT PILATES certification from the John Garey Fitness & Pilates studio in long beach. This instructor training program was rigorous and enhanced Evelyn’s knowledge of anatomy and musculoskeletal performance. She continues to train and receive her updated certifications. Evelyn makes it a goal to pass this information along to her students and teach them the benefits they can obtain through regular Pilates practice. She pays close attention to all levels of fitness with all her students and gives proper modifications when necessary. She keeps her classes safe while building strength, challenging while building endurance, and creative while building the joy of movement. Evelyn’s lifetime of dance and Pilates experience led her into teaching Pilates at Yoga World Studios, ballet to young children, yoga and therapeutic stretching for adults. Private Pilates sessions available upon request.

Mary O’Meara mary Mary began practicing Yoga over 3 years ago after 2 years of tending to the little yogini she brought into this universe.  This love of her first born daughter was unparalleled, but the quest and fire for inner peace, tranquility, and calmness was calling. With this calling she found the practice of Yoga, and the inner strength it provided. The connection was made and the love was born for growing her practice! All while looking within and growing her practice, an unforeseen total body transformation was happening. Much like the butterfly shedding its cocoon, the baby weight was drifting away, while the freedom of mind and soul was floating towards the sky. With learning came practice, of which she dedicated 6 days a week to the flow of growth, and expansion of mind by absorbing all of the phenomenal teachings by the instructors at the studio. The love grew with each calming effect of a fun arm balance, and the exhilarating release laying in final Svasana. Through six months of practice, and many days of growth she was blessed with the pregnancy of her second future yogi. With this newfound passion of practice, she was thrilled to have this amazing outlet, all while synchronizing her growing belly with the expanding practice of patience. With this new growth came a new learning experience of the Asanas (physical practice of Yoga), she found her breath through Ujjayi Pranayama (Practice of breath) many days with her mat, which in turn would help her through labor.  5 weeks after her son’s birth, her practice was calling and she reconnected with her mat. The exhilaration of re-learning her practice, less the little yogi growing inside was a whole new adventure in growth of mind and practice. It really allowed her to see Yoga for what it is, it really is for every BODY, no matter what vessel you are in; it can work for you. With her love of practice, she knew this passion and knowledge was to be spread, becoming a teacher was a must. Waiting through pregnancy, and her son to be old enough, the fall of 2013 arrived and she enrolled in training through CorePower in Huntington Beach. Once training was completed she has embarked on her teaching journey of Vinyasa Yoga ever since. Mary loves the physical connection of Yoga, and the internal spiritual growth that walks alongside your practice. She sees the whole Mind, Body, Spirit connection her practice has bestowed on her. Whether you are beginning your practice, or are many years in, within her class you will not feel left behind because the new will not be lost, and the experienced will not be un-challenged. She looks to give an overall experience, through music, adjusting and, of course, an awesome Svasana massage.  She hopes to touch a piece of someone’s soul each time she teaches and hopes that she can also brighten, and enlighten someone’s day in the meantime.

Monica Roman Monica Roman In 1993, while working as a Speech Therapist Monica began researching relaxation and breathing techniques and became acquainted with the science of Yoga. Indra Devi, a highly accomplished yogini, introduced her to it. To be in Indra’s presence illumined her mind and set her on a new course. Since then, she practices asanas, pranayama and meditation in the viniyoga tradition and studies the philosophy of Yoga and eastern mysticism. In 1995 she traveled to California and was introduced to many teachers and styles of Hatha Yoga. She took classes, workshops and studied with many wonderful teachers. These, and her daily commitment to practice, helped her deepen her understanding of the anatomy and physiology of Hatha Yoga and the art of asana sequencing. One of the great influences in her career was that of Gabriel Hall. She has trained and learned from him for about four years, he trusted and encouraged her to begin teaching. In 1998 as she was exploring metaphysics and Kundalini Yoga, she met her teacher, a Kundalini-Tantra Master. Under her guidance, meditation took on a completely new dimension and healing in consciousness began to unfold. This is the ancient, original way of yogic training, where a God realized Master helps the student attune to his or her own higher mind where the teachings of Yoga can be realized through the direct experience of Truth. In this method life is the school and practice is every moment. The main aspect of daily practice is meditation. All other yogic techniques are used to prepare body and mind for it. Monica is currently completing an Ayurveda Clinician certification course under the teachings of Dr. David Frawly as a part of her ongoing training in the therapeutic applications of Yoga. She has been teaching group classes since 1998 at various locations including Yoga World Studio, The Belmont Athletic Club and the Seniors University of Long Beach. She also does private Yoga therapy sessions for people with specific health conditions.

Ramona Tamulinas Ramona TamulinasRamona began her practicing yoga over 9 or 10 years ago. At the time she did not really want to do something that made her feel any calmer than she already considered herself to be. She needed something more physical to change her from a calm, sweet girl into a strong powerful woman. Reluctantly she went to her first class not expecting much yet walked away feeling immediately transformed; strangely stronger and more self empowered and self-aware. She stayed in the classroom and did the next class that followed and if there had been another class that day she would have been there. She was hooked on the yoga juice. She never really saw herself as a teacher but one day while visiting a fortuneteller at Venice Beach she had her future given to he. The fortuneteller gazed intently into her rubber beach ball and told her, “You are to be a teacher.” Ramona laughed and walked away but soon that sentiment was repeated when Gabriel hall asked her after a class, “When are you going to start teaching?” So since the door was obviously opening and she was teetering at the threshold Ramona decided to enroll in an Iyengar TT Module under the charming intelligent guidance of Paul Cabanas and Marla Apt. This lead to further training under Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller and the rest of the TT team at yoga works. The year was maybe 2004? Anyway all that matters is the door was opened and she was walking through it with grace and with caring influences. Those who come inspire each of her classes. She constantly is striving to help their practice grow through challenging sequences that strengthen and allow them to reach new potentials. Her classes explore fun, playful, creative ways to open others up to their fullest potential. She believes in giving simple, careful instructions in a way that enhance each student’s possibility. She wants to see the students move beyond their first encounter; to witness them grow fuels her practice as well as her teaching.

Sally Burns Sally Burns teaches a dynamic vinyasa flow style class, integrating her experience with Hatha Yoga, Iyengar and Ashtanga, by emphasizing the union of mindful movement with the breath, as well as alignment in the poses. A dedicated practitioner of yoga since 1997, Sally began teaching in 2002 and is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. She has studied with David Swenson in the Ashtanga tradition and Karin O’Bannon in the Iyengar tradition. In addition she has taken many other teacher training workshops with notable teachers such as Max Strom, Saul David Raye and Angela Farmer.